About Us

Restaurant Rouxinol is an old hunting lodge. Nobody knows exactly how old it is but its rumoured to be the oldest building in the area. The name Rouxinol means "Nightingale". In the springtime you willhave the joy of hearing them sing.

The Fireplace is the largest in the Algarve and was originally constructed for roasting wild boar when a farmer lived here. It started when he hunted a Wild Boar and invited all his friends to join him for dinner.

All of our dishes are homemade and nearly all of our products are locally sourced and reared. Everything is organic, of course. Our experience and knowledge comes from around the world eg. Africa, West Indies, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and South America, where we have gleaned ideas and combination of spices to make the food both tasty and enjoyable.

The owner, Stefan developed the rich raspberry pie as a signature dessert for Restaurant Rouxinol and it has become very well known and asked for constantly.

We Hope that you enjoy your time with us and we look forward to meeting you.

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Lisa & Stefan

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